Good Morning! Yesterday I found a packet of old photos that my Dad had given me before he passed away. So I started to reminisce about the past with the photos that showed my much younger days. You know...dark brown hair, packing much less weight, kinda wishing I looked like that today. The more I thought about it, the more I am just fine being right where I am. The past has made us what we are today and if we dwell on the past we can miss the blessings of the future.

The only past I need to constantly remember is the past of Jesus and all that he did while He was on this place called Earth. I never once read where He reminisced after he rose from the dead and said He would like to go back through and do it again. Frankly I believe that He would do it exactly the same because it wasn't for himself that he was for us that he lived! This week, as we think about the cross, His blood, His sacrifice, His pain, let that be the only history that truly matters.

[Isa 51:6 NKJV] 6 "Lift up your eyes to the heavens, And look on the earth beneath. For the heavens will vanish away like smoke, The earth will grow old like a garment, And those who dwell in it will die in like manner; But My salvation will be forever, And My righteousness will not be abolished."


God Bless