Good Morning! I awoke this morning thinking about yesterday and all that went on. Then I began thinking about todays events and wondered if God was pleased with what I had done yesterday, and what I will do today. Will I be consumed with what is going on around me that I miss to thank him for my future. I have seen that people get so caught up in todays struggles of life that we forget where our future leads us. This last week I was looking in my files of past choir members and found that there were 58 choir members that have either passed away our have gone on to other things like moving or college, or life. Currently I have 16 choir members so if I had all my choir members back I would have a 74 voice choir. How grand would that be! In Philippians 3:13 [Phl 3:13 NLT] 13" No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead," In heaven we will all be singing together again and that thrills my soul. I choir members now that have a rough time breathing. In heaven that won't be an issue. I have others that don't think much of their voice. In heaven that too won't matter. I am sure that I won't a choir director, but will just be one of the voices that will praise God forever...with my brothers and sisters in Christ. When I take the time to look "look forward" it make this life's challenges pale in comparison to what I have...we have in our bright future. Focus on looking ahead....It's good medicine!

God Bless