Good Morning! I remember as a young boy sitting down for breakfast and the cereal box having these neat things that you could get for so many box tops if you sent them in the mail. I would send them off and wait...and wait...and wait up to 8 weeks for the treasure to arrive. I would go to the mail box anticipating it's arrival. Oh what joy when it finally showed up! It's kind of like that now with the Covid challenging us to buy things online.

When I think of Heaven I get that same kind of anticipation. It gives me time to dream about it while I am here doing God's will for my life. What will Heaven be like? What will we do for all eternity? Who will be there? All kind of questions come to my mind? God gives us just a glimpse of what it will be. No sorrow, no tears, no pain, no sickness. All those things make me anticipate it all the more.

Things that make me want to stay here longer, is to make sure that my loved ones are going to join me there. I may not get to see it happen while here on this earth. My Grandpa didn't get to see the answer to the many years of praying for his family, but I am sure of the joy that will take place when in Heaven we are united together and he realizes how God answered his many I know he will do the same for my prayers and yours also. Like the song says...What a day that will be!

So we press on excitedly anticipating His return and doing the work He has set out for us. I agree with some of the last words in Revelation...Even so, come Lord Jesus.

God Bless