Good Morning! Connie and I just finished reading the book of Job together. As many times as I have read this marvelous encounter, I always take something new from it.

#1, What we see through our eyes may not be what God sees through His eyes. Example, Job thought his life was over and just wanted to die, but through God's eyes, Job had a new life time to live through his new family.

#2, No where does it say that God healed Job of his physical condition. We assume that God did indeed heal him, but it doesn't really say. What Job was really looking for was an encounter with his God. He missed the presence of God almighty and didn't want to live without it. Little did Job know that God was watching over him and knew Job could take the things that satan was putting upon him.

#3 I was sad to see that Jobs' family didn't come into the picture until God made him wealthy again. I hope that wasn't the case but when things get very ugly, family can try and distance themselves from the situation till it gets better. Too often that is when we need family to stick by us even though it looks very ugly.

It's easy for us to see the whole picture of Jobs' life because we have a written account, but what about us? Are we are currently living though whatever the circumstances we are going through, and only looking through our eyes and not trying to see through the eyes of our loving God? Trust that God knows what he is doing! Have faith that He is right there knowing what you are going through and will give you everything you need to succeed! Who knows...He may have a new life for you to live like Job!

Don't give up!!!

God Bless