Good Morning! I have been reading Ecclesiastes in my daily readings and it makes me angry that Solomon misses the whole point of this life here on Earth. He says everything is meaningless, chasing the wind. If Solomon had lived in Jesus time he would probably have changed his view. Knowing Jesus changes a person from looking at our earthly things we have acquired to looking at how we can help others. I had the honor of sending money from the church to our African Brothers and Sisters to buy mosquito nets as the malaria is killing their people. They lost two young girls last week. We sent enough money to buy 200 mosquito nets. Sounds like alot of mosquito nets but when they notified the villagers, 2,100 showed up to register for getting a net. 1900 did not get net and have to go home and fear for their lives. Solomon had great wealth and could have done much to help his fellow man. Instead he built extravagant buildings, had large barns of horses and more gold and silver than you and I can even imagine. He never mentions helping others with his great wealth. We may not have much but I remember when our place burned down many years ago and all God’s people rallied around Connie and I and helped us get back on our feet. Everyone was giving what they had to help us. I remember two young teenager boys coming up and placing money on the table and said that they were giving the money that they had saved to go out to lunch that day. Very humbling! The Bible calls that storing up treasures in Heaven. I pray that anything that we have on this earth can be used for God’s glory. I believe that is the real meaning to life. Loving and helping each other for eternity by putting our wealth…our real wealth in the treasuries of heaven, helping each other to get to the other side!

God Bless