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Good Morning! This last Monday morning, I sat at my desk thinking about the singspiration we listened to the night before in the sanctuary. As I listened I could almost here the singing from the night previous night. So many good things happen in the Sanctuary that it started my mind thinking and I began writing this poem. I know it's rough but it is my first poem ever.

This place we call the Sanctuary, were we come to worship our God

Has seen many tears when the times have been hard.

Many prayers have been offered on this hollowed ground

The singing, the worship, all lovely sounds

The sermons that we’ve listened to as pastor shared God’s Word

If we put into practice, a shout of victory will be heard.

Smiles and Handshakes all lighten the load, longing to feel the presence of the Lord

What will happen this week I don’t really know, but with Christ in my heart I know I must go

Standing together, stronger than before, we’ll each live for Jesus as we go out that door.

The Holy Spirit will lead us if we listen to His voice, doing God’s will is always our best choice

So remember during the week as life toils on, the trumpet may sound and we’ll all be gone

Forever to be around the throne, in a place called Heaven also known as Home.

God Bless!


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