Good Morning! Back in the 70’s, There was a thing going around in the Christian circles. It was WWJD. Anyone remember? The Letters represent What Would Jesus Do. It’s main focus was to get us to see things through a different perspective…Jesus’ perspective. It is very easy to look through our eyes and see the picture at hand, but to see things through His eyes can take on a whole different sight. When the was woman caught in adultery in Jn. 8:3-11, she was brought to Jesus. The Pharisees were expecting Jesus to pick up a rock and stone her along with them. Looking through Jesus’ eyes we see a totally different picture. Jesus wanted to fix her not kill her. Yet when Jesus went into the temple in Jerusalem and turned over the money changers tables, He was seeing a whole different picture than we would have.

Maybe it’s ok to revive the WWJD saying. I don’t think we need to market it on clothes, hats or jewelry, but to maintain it in our thought process. Our thought process has been influenced by so many things. Having the ability to slow down and think how our Savior would think is a skill that only He can give us if we truly want it. It maybe different than what the rest of the world thinks, but that is ok. Seeing things His way will always be the best way.

It’s possible that when we close our eyes and think of His way, will we be able to truly see!

God Bless