Good Morning! I thought I would keep it lite this morning and bring to you a lesson I did with the Youth Group a few years back. “Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog. My Dog is always glad to see me, even if I go outside to do something that takes only minutes, she’s right there at the door waggin’ her tail welcoming me back home. I believe our God is a lot like that in the aspect that He is always glad to see you and I. He is happy when we take time out of our busy schedules to acknowledge Him and speak with Him. I have noticed that when I have to swat her for tearing any paper products in to shreds all over the living room floor, in a couple of minutes she backs to normal. Her ability to put things behind her and forgive and forget is something I need to grasp in my life. Forgiving and forgetting is what God requires of us so that we can go on and enjoy life as He meant it to be lived. I can count on my dog to be there for me no matter what, always wanting to know what I am doing. If I get up out of my chair, her head pops up with a look that says what are you doing now. I can count on God to always be there for me. I know that because He has never left me, and He never will leave me! Lastly, only because I could go on for a long time, my dog loves me unconditionally. No matter what I do, no matter what happens, that love never wavers. My Gods’ love never is in jeopardy. No matter what happens or what is the next dumb thing I do, I know the He loves me! Read about it in 1 Cor.13 So take a fresh look at life around you and notice how exceptional our God is and if He had a tail…it would be waggin’. PS. Everynight my dog and I have a play time…..I’ll let that one sink into your brain!

God Bless!